Wedding Night

by Sophie Kinsella

"You booked a special table and ordered champagne to talk about airmiles?"

Charlotte Graveney, better known as "Lottie", is sure that her boyfriend is about to propose to her, one afternoon at a fancy restaurant.  In fact, she is so sure that she has bought an engagement ring to present to him when he proposes. And she's messaged her older sister Felicity, better known as "Fliss", from the loo.  When Richard proposes sharing his airmiles with Lottie, she spirals off into her worst post-break-up activity yet.

Fliss, as Lottie's constant protector, is extremely concerned when Lottie splits from Richard and seems to take the break-up very well.  Usually Lottie thinks up some harebrained scheme to solve all of her life's problems, in true Sophie Kinsella style.  Fliss is distracted by her own divorce, career, young son, and solicitor to notice when Lottie meets up with an old flame from her gap-year - one passionate summer in Greece.  Before Fliss can stop her, Lottie is off to Greece with her new beau.  Hilarity ensues when Fliss does everything in her power to stop Lottie and Ben from consummating their new marriage. As a hotel reviewer, it turns out that her power is pretty great; Lottie is treated to two single beds in her honeymoon suite, a persistent butler, and very strong beverages, along with many other roadblocks.  

Kinsella's style is carried out very well in the character of Lottie.  She is a little bit hopeless, and a little bit mad.  She dives feet first into extreme situations, much like Ms. Becky Bloomwood of Shopaholic.  As usual, I love Kinsella's use of free indirect discourse - she writes just as Lottie thinks and it works spectacularly.  In this book, though, I did find myself wishing that the problems got wrapped up a little bit faster.  I was feeling too badly for Lottie and Fliss for a little too long.    

Will Richard make the big gesture and fight for Lottie's love?  Will Lottie ever forgive her big sister for ruining her honeymoon?  Will Fliss ever stop stressing out about her divorce and find love again?  Read Wedding Night to find out. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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  1. I know old post... but I think this was the worst Sophie Kinsella I have read. Not that it is a bad book, but I expected a lot more of development and character growth in this story, which was not there. I was excited but disappointed.
    Let's hope the up and coming new Shopaholic is much better!