At the pier

I know that it's May, and that there are two more months until summer vacation.  I can't help my obsession with all things summer right about now, though; the weather's warming up, the sun is staying up later and later, and my closet is bulging with summer dresses. 

Dress: Anthro // Infinity scarf: Target // 

I love the bright floral pattern on this dress. I know that florals are not inventive or anything for spring, but I love them nonetheless. Also, this dress is super light and cotton - perfect for a warm summer spring day.
It has these really cute cut-outs in the front and back, which unfortunately had to get covered up for work.   Adding a scarf on top of a low[ish] cut dress is my solution for making many summer dresses school-appropriate. :D

Tights: Forever XXI // Flats: Zeller's // 

This pier was filled with people fishing, and one crazy lady taking photos of herself. . . haha. But really, it was such a gorgeous day that people were everywhere.  I like that there are seasonal activities that people have to wait with anticipation for during the long winter months.  Like, if I could go to the beach all year long, it might not seem that awesome to me anymore.

Pretty rocks. 

Spinning away! 

I love a good twirly dress. This one makes me feel like a ballerina... but a little less graceful.
♥ Meg xoxo

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