Peace, love and doughnuts

Erin and I took a little road trip a few weeks back.  We stumbled upon this very cute shop and then I stumbled upon this top.  And ta da! Doughnuts, for your viewing pleasure. 

Sweatshirt: Rue 21 // Jeans: Old Navy // Moccasins: Minnetonka // 

Sweatshirt: Rue 21 // Jeans: Old Navy // Moccasins: Minnetonka // 

Don't might the white socks.  What was I thinking?  haha.

SO. Many. Doughnuts. 

We got maple bacon.  So delish. 

I wish I was eating a little doughnut right now, instead of this apple.  Sigh* 
♥ Meg xoxo


My first love

My first love is orange. The colour, that is.  Way back in kindergarten, I was living the dream with the orange crayon all to myself while the other girls were fighting over pink and purple.  I used to have A LOT of orange clothing.  Now I just have more than the average person. . .

Cardigan: GT Boutique // Tank top: Old Navy // Skirt: Forever XXI // Mocs: Minnetonka //

This skirt got me a lot of comments the day I wore it.  People just get alarmed about fashion for all of the wrong reasons, in my opinion.  So what if I want to wear a summer maxi skirt in the dead of winter?  That's why they invented thick tights.  Duh.

Cardigan: GT Boutique // Tank top: Old Navy // Skirt: Forever XXI //

 Skirt: Forever XXI // Mocs: Minnetonka //

It was super windy when I took these. I may have had a fleeting thought about the thinness of the material and that it may do better in the summer, but the thought passed. 

What colour lifts your spirits and makes you smile when you wear it?
♥ Meg xoxo


Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

"Of all the places I've been, this is the one that seems the most like a place a red notebook would take me."

This book pretty much explains itself in the title.  Lily and Dash have a notebook filled with dares.  It's a bit more complicated than that, though.  Lily writes the dares in a notebook and leaves it on the shelf at a used bookstore.  Dash finds it, and follows the instructions in the book, and writes back to Lily.  A quirky relationship ensues with one person writing in the book, and leaving it somewhere for the other to find.  

Authors Cohn and Levithan, of Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, team up once again for a cute sort of quest tale.  Although unlikely, I did believe it as I read it.  Both Lily and Dash's parents were out of the country for Christmas, leaving them both free to roam their city and follow dares from a red Moleskin.  Their city happens to be NYC, which lends itself well to sort of kitschy Christmas locations and timeless landmarks for Lily and Dash to visit in their quest to get to know, and later meet one another.  

I think I loved Nick and Nora more than Lily and Dash.  But that's not to say I didn't like them and all of their oddities. They each get their own voice, chapter by chapter, which is a device I adore. I also loved the setting, since M and I had been to NYC for New Year.  I could picture the hustle and bustle, the giant Christmas tree, and the dazzling lights around Lily and Dash.  

It's a quick read, so read it and let me know what you think.
♥ Meg xoxo


Happy St Pat's

It was Dress Like a Leprechaun Day at my school today.  I ♥ spirit days times one million. Maybe even more than that.  haha.

Cardigan: Old Navy // 

Cardigan: Old Navy // Leggings and shirt: Joe Fresh // Skirt: Hot Topic // Socks: Claire's // Shoes: UO //

And to think, some of my colleagues just wore a green shirt.  Pshaw. Go big or go home, my friends :)

Bow tie worn as headband, and necklace: Dollarama //

Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Socks: Claire's //

These sequin shoes are moving their way up my [long] list of favourite shoes.  Oops, they can hear me... I LOVE you all, my darlings.  teehee. 

I hope your day was filled with all the green and orange you could handle. 
♥ Meg xoxo