The Girl on the Train

by Paula Hawkins

As you know, audio-books need to keep me on the edge of my (driver's) seat, in order to hold my attention and keep me awake.  This book kept me guessing until the very end.  There was suspense, intrigue, violence, drunkenness, deception, and some resolution.

The "girl on the train" is a woman named Rachel who looks out of her commuter train window everyday, and catches a glimpse at a couple's house and life. She creates a world for these people - Jess and Jason, as she calls them - in her own head. Drinking from her paper bag on the morning train, she is able to escape what is left of her life, and find solace in creating one for these strangers.

One day, Rachel sees something out of the ordinary out of the train window.  Or does she?  She can't be sure, since she is blind drunk and generally unreliable. When "Jess" goes missing, Rachel becomes heavily involved in the real story of Jess and Jason's lives, telling lie after lie to get closer to the truth.
Rachel is just one of the narrators in this story; other women involved get a chance to tell their sides of the story as well.  As a reader, I was often frustrated with Rachel.  She can't remember bits and pieces of events that could help her find the missing woman, or help her seem more trustworthy to the police.  She would sober up long enough to figure out something, to clear her head, but then she would head to the off-licence and lose those fragments again.  I found myself yelling at the audio-book "Don't do it Rach.  Jess Megan needs your help." Then, Rachel's ex-husband's new wife and Megan, the missing woman, get a chance at narrator.  Their perspectives on events leading up to and surrounding Megan's disappearance aren't that reliable either.

This book was named "Gone Girl ...on a Train" by many critics who drew parallels between the two stories.  I think that the unreliable narrator and the missing woman are comparable in the two novels, along with the nature of the theme. Which missing woman/ suspense/ whodunnit/ psychological thriller did you like best?  Are readers being over-saturated with these sort of books like teen girls were with vampire books a few years back?

♥ Meg xoxo


Red bricks

Sometimes on my way home from work, I see a wall and I want it.  This red brick wall called out to me and I had to pull over :) 

Wearing: Dress: Forever XXI // Jellies: Little Burgundy //
Reading: Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins (on audio book)
Posing: in front of a rad red brick wall

This outfit made me feel so happy and summery when I wore it.  Those pockets fill me with so much of that special joy that can only be brought upon by pockets in dresses.  And lets not forget about the shoes.  These neon jelly sandals jumped out at me from a storefront on Ste Catherine Street, as if they had started to jump in the the 1990s, and landed right in front of me in 2014. It was love at first sight. 

I hope your summer is starting to fill up with neons and flowers and beautiful brick walls. 
♥ Meg xoxo


Recent reads

Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned, by Lena Dunham 

Okay - I read this book because everyone was talking about it.  Sometimes the "buzzed-about" books are awesome and sometimes they're just okay.  So, I liked some of Dunham's ideas and stories.  But this book was just that to me - not fully finished ideas and stories.  Sometimes,  I liked her honesty and her feminist notions. Other times, I felt that she was over-sharing her life and her experiences for all the wrong reasons. That being said, if you like her t.v. show, Girls, you'll probably be a fan of this book. 

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

I listened to this story as an audio book in my car and I really liked it.  For me to commit to listening to an audio book it has to be a gripping story, with suspense and intrigue and maybe even murder.  Oh, and the reader has to be awesome.  This book met all of my criteria, and then some. I liked the separate stories of the different husbands and their secrets enough, but what I really loved was when the characters eventually met up with each other.  One woman finds a letter addressed to her in the case of her husband's death.  Only catch - he's still alive.  Her decision whether or not to open the letter and its repercussions will change the lives of many in this captivating story. 

The Collected Poems by Sylvia Path

M was reading The Bell Jar when I rediscovered my interest in Plath.  Her words are so carefully chosen; each one seems to weigh more than usual in a line of her poetry. This collection of her more than 800 poems is arranged more or less in chronological order.  It should be noted that much of her poetry is melancholy in theme and tone.  If you aren't usually a reader of poetry, I might not recommend diving in here.  Plath might be a little to dense and discouraging for new readers. 

Any recommendations for me to add to my reserve list at the library? 
♥ Meg xoxo


Water colours on the beach

I like to think that this skirt looks like someone painted it with water colour paints. Also, that they used my pro technique of adding too much water until everything blurs together. 

Wearing: Skirt: JC Penney // Shirt: Smart Set // Tank top: Old Navy // Necklace: gift from a student // Boots: Burlington Coat Factory //
Reading: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Posing: on the beach 

I had been wearing heels during the day, which I discarded on the drive home.  When I arrived at the beach, I swapped them for my well loved booties.  Bare legs and these boots take me back to summer festivals - the heat and the music and the flower crowns all swirling around me in one glorious memory. 

I got this necklace from a student a few years back.  In my mind, it matches this skirt perfectly.  I mean, I think that the one huge bead in the centre does.  

I was tempted to take off these boots and dip my toes in, but I somehow managed to resist.  I probably won't be able to next time.

Hey summer, see you soon!
♥ Meg xoxo


Pretty daisy

I love daisies.  The wild ones beside the road, thriving on not much at all.  The orange gerber daisies M got delivered to my school.  The pink daisies in my flower crown.  And I love that daisies are back on skirts and dresses everywhere.

Wearing: Shirt: H&M // Dress shirt: Old Navy // Skirt: Target // Tights: TopShop // Shoes: Ardene's
Reading: Dear Mr. Knightley, by Katherine Realy
Posing: on the side of the road, during my commute through the countryside

The combination of aqua ombre tights and a shirt of the same hue, along with daisies on my skirt and on my chest, was overwhelming for some of my critics.  My Grade Ones loved my outfit, though, and so did I. That's what matters most about the clothes I put on each day - they make me happy.  And, daisies, how could they not? 

♥ Meg xoxo


But not a real fur coat...

January weather calls for some super stylish outerwear.  Introducing, the faux fur coat. 

Wearing: Coat: Forever 21 // Scarf: made by Mum // Leggings: VS Pink // Purse: Aldo //  Boots: Target
Reading: The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes
Posing: back on that overpass 

This coat makes me feel like rock star.  The boys were calling me Macklemore when I wore it around them.  I guess being a rap star is good too ;)

I know that leggings are not pants and all that.  I think that they're okay with long shirts... or shorter shirts on the weekend.  This particular weekend t-shirt reads, "#hangry" - a portmanteau of hungry and angry.  I am quite familiar with the concept of getting angry because you are hungry.  

I think that this purse is my most complimented article of clothing ever.  I bought it at Aldo in Ottawa when M and I were there in the summer.  Loads of people love it.  Lots of people think they're original and say, "Wow, that's a big camera".  I just smile and nod.  

♥ Meg xoxo


Hello 2015

Well, hey there everyone. Been a while, hasn't it?

Last year this blog derailed a bit due to a number of reasons.  The top three, in no particular order:

Number One.  I love love love reading other people's blogs. Last year, I maybe spent a little too much time reading, and not enough time writing.

My favourites are A Beautiful Mess and Enjoy it.

Elsie, Emma, and the rest of the team at ABM are basically an empire.  These queens of the blogosphere write about DIY projects, fashion, crafts, recipes, scrapbooking, and home projects.  They have many different writers who contribute to their highly successful blog.

Elise's blog is much more personal.  She blogs about goals and challenges and motivation and being creative.  She shares pieces of her daily life with her baby girl and Navy doctor husband.  When I read her posts, I feel like I'm catching up with a pal.

Go check out these blogs; you'll love 'em.

Number Two.  Erin and I started Project Life last year.  (Later, I got a few more pals on board).  What it PL, you ask?  In her own words, creator Becky Higgens writes, "Project Life® is an ultra-simple, ├╝ber-stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums."   It's about printing your everyday photos, adding embellishments, and some text, and slipping them into pockets,  It's the easiest scrapbook ever.  And it's kind of addicting.  And with reference to Number One, there are bloggers who just blog about Project Life... *hearts in eyes*. 

More about PL here: http://beckyhiggins.com/project-life/

Here's an example of a layout from Tracey at the single girl's scrapbook. She rocks Project Life. Go check out her work and fall in love.

Number Three. When I drive to work, it's dark and when I drive home from work it's dark.  I know, I know.  There could be worse problems in my life. It just makes it hard to take outfit photos.

M is probably thinking that this is a list of excuses, or Johns as gamers like to call them, but it's not.  Think of it more as an explanation to the question: where has Meg gone?! 

I'm going to try harder in 2015.  I still love reading a good book, and creating a good outfit.  I make up random style challenges for myself - and succeed at them :)

Come back soon; I'll be around. Promise.
♥ Meg xoxo