At the ball park

Barbecued hot dogs equal summer to me.  The smokiness of the hot dog, combined with the sweet taste of ketchup is a beautiful thing.  Taking these pictures at the baseball park made me think of delicious hot dogs and the lazy days of summer.  

Shirt: tiny beach shop at the cottage // Cardigan: Zeller's // Skirt: Forever XXI // 

Speaking of summer, I bought this top last summer at a cute beachy shop.  Whenever I wear it, it makes me happy.  If you can't make it out, it is covered with shoes.  Brightly coloured high heels, pretty little flats, shoes with bows.  Basically, everything I love :D

Skirt: Forever XXI // Shoes: Globo // 

I was wearing tights with this outfit while at work.  Then, it got boiling hot out... so I [safely] took them off on my drive home.  Showing legs at work after a long winter is dangerous - you don't want to blind anybody ;)

Sunnies: Target // 

These are my new love.  I used to have heart-shaped sunglasses, but one of the arms broke off.  I'd been looking for replacements for awhile when I came across these lovelies.  The polka dots made them an extremely obvious choice.  I kind of feel like a cartoon character when I wear them, with big hearts instead of eyes.  

Although there are no diamonds in play in the park today, I think I'll still grill up some hot dogs... And dream of summer.
♥ Meg xoxo

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