The PMS Murder

by Laura Levine

"Isn't mayonnaise heavenly? I wondered if he'd notice if I reached out and scooped it up with my finger. Of course he'd notice! Was I nuts? I had to stop this nonsense and concentrate on the murder."

Jaine Austen (no relation) is a freelance writer who lives in LA with her overweight cat named Prozac.  One day, while struggling with bathing suit shopping, she meets a kindred spirit at Ben and Jerry's.  

Jaine's new friend Pam invites her to join the PMS Club - a group of women and one gay man who get together to drink margaritas and gossip.  Jaine attends one meeting and loves it.  At her second meeting, though, things aren't so peachy.  While dipping into the guacamole this week, one of the members drops dead. 

The ensuing story tells of Jaine's investigation of the murder.  She is, after all, a part-time sleuth who often helps out the police.  She meets up with all of the suspects, in between stops for burritos, egg McMuffins, and burgers.  Hilarity follows when Jaine finds herself in the most awkward situations while at a job interview, at the old age home where she volunteers, and in her not-so-professional dealings with the police.  

I loved Jaine.  She thinks up pretend conversations with her cat.  She has a funny way of dealing with brutal situations - like being caught wolfing down a burrito in a parking lot, after ordering a salad at a lunch interview.  I feel that Jaine is comparable to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum.  Just make Stephanie a little more interested in takeout, and little less interested in actual crimes... and you have Jaine.  

The PMS Murder is a fun lighthearted read, recommended to those who like to read mystery infused with humour.  

♥ Meg xoxo

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