Birds at the beach

Spring, in my part of the world, was struggling today.  I put on this billowy skirt and peasant top... and then had to add thick tights, a slip, and a cardigan.  It was still freezing down by the harbour.  I regret nothing though; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I successfully wore a bohemian-style outfit to work today.  

Skirt: H&M // Cardigan: Forever XXI // Shirt: Loft // 

All of those white things behind me are gulls.  They were extremely loud.  What do you call seagulls that live by the bay? Bagels.  haha.  I crack me up.

Skirt: H&M // Cardigan: Forever XXI // Shirt: Loft // Belt: Ardene's //

This outfit began with this belt and grew from there.  I want to style it with long flowy dresses and wavy hair.  I can't wait for the free-spirited nature of summer... the bare feet, the tanned skin, the way clothing becomes carefree when it's just thrown over a bikini, the late nights, and the freedom from commitments.

Tights: CK // Boots: Target // Slip (shining through): borrowed from Mum // 

I was pretty happy that I added this slip at the last minute.  The wind was fierce today.

Just looking at the bright sun's reflection here makes me smile.  Take pleasure in the little things, people.  

♥ Meg xoxo

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