Stairway to Ghost Town

So there's this sort of ghost town in my city.  It's got ominous "No Trespassing" signs and boarded up windows.  I mean, these sets of buildings look like they've been forgotten by time.  I obviously thought that this would be a nice place to hike to and take photos at, with M.  

Toque: Neff // Shirt: Garage // Jeans: Mudd at Kohl's // 

What does one do in a ghost town, you ask?  Climb the dilapidated outdoor staircase, of course.  Don't worry, I tested it.  And I didn't go all the way to the top.  

Toque: Neff // Shirt: Garage // Jeans: Mudd at Kohl's // 

Oh floral jeans, how I adore thee.  These gems were super reduced when I found them on a shopping trip with Mum and Erin.  We decided that they were a staple. You know, like bread and butter... or a black pencil skirt and a white button-down.  Everyone needs a pair of floral jeans. ;)

Moccasins: Minnetonka // 

My beautiful moccasins got soaked during this hike. I may or may not have whined about this the entire way home. Let it be known that they have dried out, are really quite resilient, and maybe shouldn't have been a cause for whining. I mean, if there was whining at all.

Shoes: Nike? //

While I was posing on the stairs, M thought he'd be so cute and take a picture of his shoes like I always do. Wannabe.  haha.

♥ Meg xoxo

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