Ladybug, ladybug

EVERYtime I wear this red skirt with the black polka dots, someone tells me that I look like a ladybug.  I look at them shocked, and pretend that I've never heard the comparison before.  

Top: Garage // Skirt: Giant Tiger //  Headband: Claire's // 

I like the belted bow on the skirt because it's pretty.  BUT it gets in the way of practically every shirt I own.  This results in the tucked in look.  This look always reminds me of my high school Bio teacher.  She rocked all of her shirts neatly tucked into her skirts or pants.  Come to think of it, she was a fab teacher and she wore really high heels everyday. . . Hmm, maybe I should tuck in my shirt more often.

Top: Garage // Skirt: Giant Tiger // Heels: vintage and DIY //

My outfit actually matches today.  There are no contrasting patterns.  Everything is a nice red and black.  I knew that people were going to tell me I looked like a ladybug, so I decided to stick with the theme.  I think that it's nice to take red out of winter and add it to spring.  It's always around in festive Christmas outfits, and makes its way back for Canada Day... but somehow it gets put aside for the pastels and brights of spring.

Heels: vintage and DIY // Tights: Claire's {I think...} // 

So I wore fishnets to work today.  I'm not sure if that's allowed, but I went for it.  I think that if they are worn tastefully, (read: not with thigh high boots and shortie shorts) that they are permitted. 

Have a lovely (and potentially polka dotted) evening, 
♥ Meg xoxo

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