French Milk

So, I read another book about Paris.  I can't help it; the city is so endearing.  And this book was a lovely perspective on the city of lights. 

"I've always loved good graffiti, - it's nice to see legalized street art walls of Paris, where people can really make beautiful work. In Chicago, it's not even legal to BUY spray paint."

French Milk is the story about Lucy, a twenty-three year old art student, and her mother, and their six week long trip to Paris.  It is a delightful diary in drawings, photographs and prose, which details the thoughts and experiences of an American twenty-something in Paris.  

Lucy and her mother take their trip to Paris over Christmas, New Year's, and Lucy's birthday.  Lucy's diary is somewhat typical at times, for a travel journal.  She draws museums they visit, and food that they eat. She writes about Parisians, their style and culture.  She writes and draws about things that they purchase, and the haircuts that they get.  

At the same time, Lucy lets her readers in on her thoughts and emotions.  She writes about disagreements with her mother.  She tells the reader about how cold her feet were in her inappropriate footwear, one day.  She writes about missing her friends and boyfriend, and then about how she is guilty for being miserable in Paris.  

I liked the honesty imbued in Knisley's account of her trip.  She writes openly about her relationship with her mother. She is truthful about how many croissants and orders of foie gras she eats during her trip.  Kinsley's depiction of Paris wasn't all shiny lights and romance; she told the real story of her trip with her mother without rose-coloured glasses on, and I adored her for it. 

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