Library lace

I adore libraries.  I mean, it's a bit of an obvious sort of love.  I love books and reading.  At the library, you can borrow books, read them, return them, and then get new ones --- for free.  :)  And, there are these cool people at the library who can help you find books. ♥ 

I wish that there was a library for dresses.  

Cardigan: Loft outlet // Shirt: Winner's // Skirt: Forever XXI //

I got this skirt with a Christmas gift card.  It's adds a perfect amount of femininity to an outfit.  I paired it with some staples of mine - stripes and polka dots, and then added a lacy-style cardigan for good measure.  This outfit put me in a cheery sort of mood all day long.

Tights: Joe Fresh // Heels: Nine West //

When I wore this yesterday, a lot of people commented that I was wearing my Valentine's outfit ten days early.  Not so much.  I'm in love everyday and, therefore, can wear hearts and lace any day I please. So there.  haha.

Necklace: Forever XXI //

This beauty was also part of my giftcard purchase.  It combines my favourite flower, rhinestones, and a giant statement necklace all in one.  What's not to love?

♥ Meg xoxo


  1. Oh this world would be complete if there was a such library... *sigh... and shoes (might be drooling a little)

  2. Thanks friends. I think that I might know a librarian who could transition to the dress/ shoe library. haha. ♥ Meg xoxo