Playing in the rain...

Things to do:
1. make list -- check
2. play in the playground -- check
3. splash in puddles -- check
4. get to work on time, act like an adult, change into workplace appropriate footwear --- grudgingly, check ;)

Umbrella: gift from T // Coat: it's SO old that I can't remember... // Scarf: crocheted by Mum //

I love this playground so much.  Last time I took pictures here it was a chilly fall day.  Today it was spring-like and rainy. I thought going here would add some more colour to a dreary day.

Boots: Trentorn at Little Burgundy // 

My winter boots, which double as rain boots, have two cracks in them.  Boo :(  I think that I just loved these boots too much; I've practically lived in them for the past few winters.  

Sweater: Hollister // Dress {worn as skirt} Forever XXI // Tights: Shopper's //

Please ignore the blurriness; I was jumping around in the rain.  haha. Rainstorms instantly turn me into my five year old self. 

So, I'm not sure if this sweater/dress combo matches, or works at all... but I liked it, and went with it. I got a lot of comments about how flattering the colour of the sweater was on me, which is sweet. Who doesn't love a compliment? :) 

Splash in some puddles. Play in the rain.  And show some love those who play in the rain with you. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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