A.A. aime H.H.

by Patti Farmer

"Il va être enchanté" {"He will be enchanted."}

This is my favourite French picture book.  It's actually translated from English* to French, but I like the French version better. I read it to my class on V Day.

The story is about a girl named Amélie Archambault who has a crush on a boy named Henri Héroux.  She wants to tell him that she likes him, but is persuaded by her friends to show him in different ways.  The girls say not to tell him or else bad things will happen, for example he would remain cross-eyed for the rest of his life. 

Through a series of missteps Henri looses a tooth, has an allergic reaction, and gets sent to the principal's office. Amélie is sent down as well.  On the way they finally get to talk... What happens, you ask?  You'll have to read it and see if H.H. loves A.A., back. ☻

This book is a great book for a read-aloud.  It uses the same repetitious style that Robert Munsch has made famous. Students are able to catch along, and say repeated phrases with you.  Also, after each piece of advice from Amélie's friends, it is easy to make predictions out loud, using the text and colourful pictures.  The story is really cute, and funny.  Kids and adults always fall in love with Amélie, Henri, and their elementary romance. 

♥ Meg xoxo

*In English the book is called "Amanda Adams loves Herbie Hickle". Ew. Their French names are so much cuter. 

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