Happy Belated (Anti-) Valentine's Day

Usually M and I wear black on Valentine's Day, as a statement against the commercialized day of love. I mean, there's so much societal pressure to demonstrate your love on V Day.  I like showing it on all of the other days.

That being said, it was red, pink and white day at school.  So, I saved my black outfit for after school.  My Grade 4s aren't really ready to understand why I'd be wearing black on a Spirit Day. :)

Cardigan, Dress and Tights: Forever XXI  //

Yay festive holiday spirit :)  Turns out that most of this outfit is from Forever XXI.  It just sort of happened that way.  They have so many fun pieces and bright colours and patterns.  I bought all of these items at different times, at different stores, and just put them all together for Heart Day.

This pretty blue wall is the back of a vacuum store.  I first took pictures here on my 50s housewife inspired outfit post, but forgot to mention the location. I just like the colour of the walls; they magically change shades in different lights.

Necklace: Forever XXI // Belt: Walmart //

Heart-shaped accessories were all the rage today.  I like hearts all of the time.  Today it seemed that everyone else liked them too.

Ring: Accessorize NYC //

Double-finger ring :D I love this ring.  It is super hard for me to find a double finger ring that fits, since I have huge knuckles.  haha. I really want one that says "hate," so I can wear one on each hand.

Heels: vintage and crafted //

I know I just wore these, but they are black and red glittery and perfect for [A]V Day.

I hope you kicked up your heels and celebrated AV Day in style. Enjoy the long weekend, if you have one! 

♥ Meg xoxo

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