Radio Iris

by Anne-Marie Kinney

I chose this book because it had corrugated pages, I liked how the cover felt, and I was unsure about the content of the book from the summary on the back cover. It told me nothing really useful or descriptive about the plot. I was intrigued.

"This neighbourhood is hers and not hers. She comes here five days a week, drives here, knows where to find the nearest dry cleaners, record store, place to buy gum. But she is a visitor. She has never walked these streets in flip flops."

Kinney tells the story of 25 year old Iris, a receptionist who knows nothing about her boss or about his company. She is a dreamer who frequently loses herself in daydreams, memories from her childhood, or songs on the radio.   Kinney writes about the mundane: traffic, groceries, emails in an extremely creative way. She is able to find beauty in these everyday occurrences.

Iris is lonely and lost, yet happy with her life. She becomes obsessed with a stranger in a neighbouring office. She writes hidden messages around her office and neighbourhood with a Sharpie.  She forgets about her own birthday. 

I liked Kinney's novel about Iris, but felt that I wanted more once it was over. Although this story is a novel, I felt like it was a short story; readers learn so much about Iris in this one moment in her life, but never get to see the big picture. It made me wonder how people see me in one moment of my life. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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