Indoor recess all week . . .

Last week I was complaining about indoor recess. A lot. I mean, it rained every single day, the kids were stuck inside, and everyone was miserable. That was the worst thing that happened to me because of the hurricane.  I didn't lose power, my home didn't flood or burn down, and I wasn't left cold or hungry. Some trees came down in the area around my school.

fallen trees...
My miserable week was nothing compared to my neighbours to the south. My thoughts and prayers are going out to those people who experienced loss of any kind due to the storm.  

Boots: Charlotte Russe // Tights: CK //

Necklace: Forever XXI // Skirt: Urban Outfitter's // Sweater: thrifted // Shirt: H&M //

Some goals I have for this week include:
1. appreciate the people and things I have in my life
2. stop complaining so much; things could be way worse. . .

♥ Meg xoxo

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