Trick or treat!!

I hope that you all had a super awesome Halloween yesterday. I absolutely adore Halloween. I mean, when else is it socially acceptable to dress like mad people?

M and I usually start talking costume ideas in August. Costumes and outfits are some of the few things in life that I actually like planning.

Coat: Forever XXI // Hat: thrifted // Dress: vintage //

Along with our group of friends, we were the kids from the television show Recess this year. I was Spinelli. This costume turned out to be super easy to make and everyone loved it.

Socks: Spencer's // Boots: Steve Madden at Town Shoes //

Spinelli's red and yellow striped socks were the hardest thing to find for my costume. I ended up getting  red and white striped socks and dying them yellow. This was the second wear for my costume; the yellow was brighter the first time around :)

"We're all Ashleys too!"

Spinelli and I are both preeeetty hard core. Nbd. 

Don't eat too much candy today!
♥ Meg xoxo

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