Le Road Trip

by Vivian Swift

I adored this book. I love a good romance and all things French, so it was an obvious sort of love.

"Flâneurs are found in abundance in Paris, lolling in its scenic cafés and strolling aimlessly along its beautiful boulevards."

Swift's book is sort of a travel diary meets sketch book meets guide book. It details a trip to France with her new husband, and compares it to her visit there before as a young teen. She gives the reader travel tips for surviving a voyage to France.  At the same time, Swift seems to talk to the reader as if he or she is also experiencing life in the cities and towns of France, along with herself. 

Vert-de-gris: the official colour of Paris

 She illustrates her travels beautifully, and peppers them with thoughts, connections, sentiments, and quotes.  It's as if everyone can experience France and French culture in his or her own way with Swift providing the framework.

St Malo, France.

Swift describes lunch as a five course meal; the fifth course being "le nap."

I have been to France, both its famous big cities and its quaint countryside villages. I loved Swift's vivid descriptions of these places as well as her relationship with her husband. I found myself chuckling at her remarks about travelling with a loved one, and identifying with her feelings.

I wholeheartedly recommend this unique book.  If you've never been to France, you'll probably want to go after reading this.  If you have been to the beau pays before, you may find yourself longing to return to the country of love and its city of lights.

♥ Meg xoxo

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