A walk in the park...

So, I pulled a long summer dress out of the closet for this one. I know, I know... the temperature was hovering around the freezing mark, and I could see my breath in the air. Dresses ARE allowed all year long though. That's why stockings and cardigans were invented. :)

Dress {worn as skirt}: Forever XXI // Shirt: H&M //
I love playgrounds. They are so bright and cheery. While I was here, I wondered why playgrounds are frequently made in primary colours.

Shoes: Zeller's [RIP] // Tights: Tag //
This dress is pretty scandalous in summer. It has two very long side slits. It has a short under-dress while the rest of it is long. And it has a cut out in the back. Maybe I'll show you its true form in the summer. Here though, paired with tights, and a shirt... it seems appropriate for everyday (autumn) life.

As you already know, I heart* these shoes so much. I hope that Target will be as good to me as Zeller's always was.

Necklace: Tiffany's {gift from Erin} // 

I had to zoom in to show off my curl(s). Straight hair is a blessing and a curse. haha. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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