Au revoir sweet summer...

"Finders keepers"

Oh summer dresses, you are my first love. I bought this dress on a dreary winter day and saved it until summer. I know, I know... it could be paired with tights and a cardigan quite easily. And it will be. It needed to make its maiden voyage in the summer sunshine, though.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (but also seen at Anthro)//  Belt: borrowed from another dress//  

One word: Pockets. ♥

Pretty things, like embroidered flowers, make me smile. 

Flats: Globo Shoes//
I couldn't resist these shoes. They have bows and polka dots - two things I adore. Side note: I cannot believe the lack of polka dots in my outfits so far. I mean, I must be subconsciously saving them up for when school begins.

Happy long weekend!
♥ Meg xoxo


  1. Love the book, love the shoes, and I have that dress! Are we sisters? :) Erin