First day of school!

The alarm clock went off, the school bells rang, and the kids came flooding into the hallways.

Everything looks so shiny on the first day of school; the floors have been scrubbed, the students are wearing new outfits, and there are so many brightly coloured school supplies.

Dress: Suzy Shier // Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory //  
(Sorry for the boxes; our office was getting renovated last week!)

I wanted to look bright too. I rocked my (school appropriate) summery dress. Orange is my favourite colour; it's so cheery.  I feel like it's important to have a self-reflexive sense of style. I wanted to introduce my students and my new colleagues to my style straight away. 

Orange flowers! And high heels!

FYI: I wore the heels all day. Loads of other teachers had swapped to flats in the afternoon. I feel like it is necessary to commit to the heels.  (It's quite alright to take them off immediately in the car on the way home, though :))

Earrings: Forever XXI //

Book review to come.
♥ Meg xoxo

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