Red bricks

Sometimes on my way home from work, I see a wall and I want it.  This red brick wall called out to me and I had to pull over :) 

Wearing: Dress: Forever XXI // Jellies: Little Burgundy //
Reading: Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins (on audio book)
Posing: in front of a rad red brick wall

This outfit made me feel so happy and summery when I wore it.  Those pockets fill me with so much of that special joy that can only be brought upon by pockets in dresses.  And lets not forget about the shoes.  These neon jelly sandals jumped out at me from a storefront on Ste Catherine Street, as if they had started to jump in the the 1990s, and landed right in front of me in 2014. It was love at first sight. 

I hope your summer is starting to fill up with neons and flowers and beautiful brick walls. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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