Neon and navy

M and I went out for dinner the other night for a my-online-course-is-finished celebration.  I was pretty pumped.  So much so that I wore a little pumps and shorts combo.  :)

Tank: vintage // Shorts: J.C.Penney // Heels: Nine West // 

People always end up pairing navy with whites or reds, and stripes.  I like that look.  But today was all about navy playing second fiddle to my neon shorts and crazy patterned shoes.

Tank: vintage // Shorts: J.C.Penney // Heels: Nine West // 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This shirt is pretty exciting in photos, though. . . I mean, I knew that the bottom part was see-through, but it doesn't seem this sheer in real life.  But, whatevs - it's summer. YOLO and all that.  haha.

Heels: Nine West // M's shoes: Converse // 

I'm loving our new shoes.  I bought mine and his on a shopping day with Erin a few weeks ago. They were both mad on sale. . . and love[s] at first sight.

Heels: Nine West //

Man, these shoes. There are pansies, animal print and neon accents.  These are an obvious staple in any woman's wardrobe.  Ha.  

Oh, in case you're wondering:

1. This is not my house
2. I wish it was

♥ Meg xoxo

PS. Thanks M for taking the pics.  You were right about my photo choices. xo

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