Sunshiney June

June is sunshiney.  It's counting down 'til summer vacation. It's summer dresses and flowers.  It's the sun in the sky and a smile on my face. It's a yellow eyelet dress. 

Dress: Old Navy // 

T and I saw this dress for sale at Old Navy way way back in March, when the summer seemed extremely far away.  We decided that $35 was too much for an eyelet dress which we would have to wait months to wear.  Fast forward to June; this lovely dress is on clearance for $7.99*. Perfection.

Dress: Old Navy // 

I didn't do much to style this sunny number for its first wear.  I threw on some heels with bows on them, tied a ribbon in my hair, and was on my way.  So many people told me that I looked so fancy. :) Add a cardi and tights and this dress is totally making an appearance in my winter (spring and fall) wardrobe.

Heels: Nine West // 

Oh, bows... you make me smile. There's something lovely about wearing a very feminine outfit, on which bows are the figurative cherry on top. 

Welcome June.  I am so very happy to see you. 
♥ Meg xoxo

*Sadly this extreme deal is in stores only, it seems.  The dresses are still reduced online, just not cleared. 

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