Evening sunlight in the forest

Sometimes I just want to set off into the forest, look at the wildflowers, and think about the risk of poison ivy only after I've removed my shoes.  Here's one of those times:

Tank top: Forever XXI // Skirt and belt: Old Navy // 

I startled some people who were on a cycling trail beside this little wooded area.  That's when I realized that I was sort of camouflaged.  Maybe I should have ambled around the woods when I was wearing something a little brighter.  :D 

Sandals: Costa Blanca // 

I found this tree which used to be the base for a tree house.  It, helpfully, still had its ladder... which acted as a display area for my sandals.  Obviously I couldn't hoof around the forest in my "summer heels," as I like to call them.  I've realized that in the summer (and hot spring) time I'm happiest when my toes are free.

Bracelet: gift from the bff from her trip to China // 

I love it when a piece of your outfit tells a story all on its own.  Loads of people asked me about this bracelet today... and where they could get one.  Hmm... it might be tricky, unless your best bud is already planning a trip to China.

Necklace: Forever XXI // 

Speaks for itself, right?  I love love. It's way better than hate. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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