In costume?

Sometimes I think that there's no such thing as a sense of style.  I think that people just dress up in costumes everyday and pretend that it's a style.  There's a Work Costume, Weekend Costume, Dressed Up Costume and so on.  Maybe it's just me. . .
In any case, here's my I-feel-like-a-cowgirl Costume. :)

Dress: Old Navy //  Infinity scarf: Topshop // 

Thoughts while taking this pic: *I'm posing in front of a barn door in my cowgirl outfit.  I'm so legit. Maybe this isn't a costume.*  

Dress: Old Navy // Infinity scarf: Topshop // Boots: Target // 

Okay... so it was a barn door on the side of a restaurant, in the middle of the city.  I guess I was more of an urban cowgirl today.  haha. I love the look of a summer dress with cowboy boots and a side braid.  I wore something like this outfit to a country bar for a friend's birthday, and found myself in a sea of denim and plaid. I think a sundress and boots can be made appropriate anywhere from work (with a cardi), to a country bar (with a denim vest), to a T Swift concert.

Boots: Target // 

Aren't these tiny flowers the prettiest? 

Channel your inner cowgirl (or boy) this summer- even if you live nowhere near a real farm. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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