Anchors away!

So, the nautical trend is cool.  I like the stripes and the anchors and the sailors and all that.  In fact, when I see nautical-themed outfits, I'm reminded of the time Erin and I went to a pub randomly filled with uniformed sailors in NYC... We tried on their hats; no big deal.

Shirt: Garage // Capris: Old Navy //  Necklace: Globo Shoes // Nail polish: China Glaze in "For Audrey" //

As you may already know, I heart* Old Navy because of its use of bright colours [and its sweet sales].  Add a fun pattern and I'm in more in love.  Oh, by the way, the pattern is embroidered baby blue anchors. Bright colour, and on trend? Swoons*

Shirt: Garage // Capris: Old Navy // Necklace: Globo Shoes // Nail polish: China Glaze in "For Audrey" //

Here you can see me casually adjusting my matching anchor necklace, with rhinestones.  This morning when I caught sight of it on my necklace display bulletin board, I knew that it was a must for this outfit.

Necklace: Globo Shoes //  Sandals: Aldo //

Just look at all of the anchors and love them.  Nautical lovin' bloggers like Whitney would be so proud. 

Off to boathouse... or something.
♥ Meg xoxo

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