Beach in December

I decided to wear red and green outfits for the entire last week of school. I mean, I like a good spirit day - why not make it a week?

I'm wishing my hardest for snow on Christmas. But I mean, short sleeves at the beach is always lovely. :) 

Shirt: Alfred Sung at Zeller's // Sweater: Target + crafted // Kilt: thrifted //

This kilt was love at first find at the thrift shop.  I found it on Black Friday during a half-off promotion for all things red or green.  Sweet sale, right?  Right. A lot of colleagues asked me if I bought it at Anthropologie !

Kilt: thrifted // Tights: Tag // Flats: Zeller's //

I really like the tartan on this kilt.  I don't know much about kilts... except that this pattern is waaaay prettier than my high school kilt, and the length is waaaay longer.  haha.

Shirt: Alfred Sung at Zeller's // Sweater: Target + crafted with a thrifted sweater // Purse: Target //

This yellow sweater somehow got snagged on something in my drawer and got a hole in it.  I used a thrifted sweater, cut it into a heart shape, and patched the hole. I decided the one heart was lonely, so I added a few more.  I think it's lovely.

This gold purse is my new fave.  I scored it for $3.75.  I was like "it's practically free; I have to buy it."  My four year old cousin asked me if she could borrow it. . . Compliment? Obviously. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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