Branching out...

This past weekend M and I went on a hike at a nearby conservation area.  The forest was beautiful in its autumn colours. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a book along with me. . .

Jacket: Old Navy // Hoodie and long shirt: Forever XXI // Tights: TAG // Finger-less gloves: crocheted by Mum //

My helpful photographer instructed me to "look like you're looking!".  Confused, I pulled out this pose:

Helpful M even suggested that I should write his idea on the blog. Ta da. :P

my shoes: Winner's // M's: Nike? 

Here are some pretty shots of the forest :)

A babbling brook. 

I like these declarations of love on the trees. 

I loved the fresh air, the crunchy leaves, and my rosy red cheeks.  
♥ Meg xoxo

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