Withering Tights

by Louise Rennison

"It seems like a really mean world, where some people get born with average knees and proper corkers and some people can't even find a category for their head in a magazine. Like me." 

Tallulah Casey is a 14 year old emerging artiste who is spending her summer break in rural Yorkshire.  She is enrolled in a summer drama program which acts as an audition for the following school year. Withering Tights chronicles her adventures in the wilderness of Yorkshire, her new eclectic group of mates, and her first experiences with blokes.

Tallulah is a laugh a minute. She thinks her knees are too high.  She peppers her speech with quirky sayings, that she invents.  She tries to have the same "northern grit" as the Bronte sisters, while rooming with her host family in the "squirrel room."

Rennison is delightful to read, as usual. I adored her debut series on the confessions of Georgia Nicolson, and was very excited to find that Rennison was now writing about Georgia's cousin, Tallulah.

If you like Brit humour and slang, teenage drama, and laugh out loud dialogue, check out any of Rennison's books. Start with Angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging to meet Georgia, or Withering Tights, to meet Tallulah. Both girls are full of wisdomosity on all sorts of subjects, such as fringes, dances from Och Aye Land, and snogging scales.

Toodle pip,
♥ Meg xoxo

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