When I grow up...

I saw this little empty lot near the lake shore yesterday, and kind of fell in love. It was like a little piece of autumn had been gifted to me. I wanted to stay and frolic in the leaves and wildflowers forever.

Shirt: Loft // Dress worn as a skirt: Winner's //

I used to want to be a gypsy when I grew up. Like, the fortune-teller, flowy-skirt-wearer archetype of a gypsy. Sometimes I want to dress like one still.

Shoes: Forever XXI // Tights: Joe Fresh //

Shades of pink and orange (from left): L'Oréal in Trust Fund Baby // Avon in Lullaby // L'Oréal in Hard Core // NYC in Orangesicle // Nicole by OPI in Traffic Cone

I also used to want to be the person who names the nail polish colours, when I grew up. It seemed like an admirable profession at the time. I still really like the names of polishes.

Daisies make me smile.
I curled my [super straight] hair in the morning. It had turned to waves by the time I took these pictures. C'est la vie. Waves are pretty too. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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  1. I love that photo you took from above! So lovely :)

    xo Erin