Why Blog?

People ask me (almost) everyday at work where I got part of my outfit, or why I chose to put different pieces together. Recently, I was transferred to a new location and colleagues asked me to email them pictures of my outfits. I was so flattered! I thought that this blog would be more fun than emailing people everyday. I love blogs- most specifically blogs about fashion and crafts and books. I thought that I would combine my loves in this blog.

Why Anonymous?

In my posts, you will be able to see all aspects of my outfit, but you'll come to notice that my nose will always be in a book. Well, this will be for two reasons:

1. to show you the book that I am reading/ reviewing
2. to hide my face

(No, no. I don't have self image problems. I love my face. I am an elementary school teacher and wish to remain anonymous).

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