Girls In Trucks

Sarah Walters is a 13 year old member of the Camillia society, a club of women based on manners and appearances.  She is desperate for love and escape.

Sarah Walters is a 20-something Northern college student who meets winter for the first time and learns to like pot. 

Sarah Walters is a New Yorker - jaded and poor.  She has only a hint of a Southern accent and a few Camillia friends. 

Sarah Walters is a 30-something singleton who is borderline obsessed with her ex-lover and the need to be loved. 
"I have made many mistakes in my life so far, the biggest of which, according to my mother, was leaving the South"

Katie Crouch follows Sarah's life from old-fashioned Charleston to very forward-thinking NYC. She infuses humour and real issues into her story.  Crouch uses a variety of different styles of writing in her vignette-type novel.  Each chapter is a separate entity; each story doesn't always immediately link to the next. Simply, it is just another piece of the puzzle in Sarah's complicated jigsaw life.  At times Crouch writes in the first person, others she addresses the reader using the second person "you," and still at times she uses the third person "she" with no reference to whom "she" refers. 

Crouch manages to tell the story of Sarah's life - complex and dark and hopeless at times, with wit and raw humour. I recommend reading this, if you get the chance. It will leave you pondering where you are in life, where you came from, and the importance of all the stuff in between. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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