The Art of Falling

by Kathryn Craft

"When the curtain rises, I will be born anew."

Penelope Sparrow wakes up in hospital bed - bumped, bruised, broken, and lucky to be alive.  The professional dancer had fallen from her fourteenth story balcony and landed on the roof of a car belonging to the neighbourhood baker.  

In her book, Craft details Penelope's painful process of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.  Throughout the novel, more and more is revealed about Penny's life as dancer.  Her tumultuous relationship with her choreographer.  Her constant struggle with her weight and size.  Her strained relationship with her mother.  Her place in her dance company.  As Penelope remembers the night of her accident, she and the reader are made to wonder: was it an accident after all? 

The characters in the novel are rich and well-developed.  Penny makes friends with Marty, the guy whose car she landed on, and Angela, her spirited roommate in the hospital.  Penelope learns about real friendship outside the competitive realm of dance. 

Not a trained dancer myself, I enjoyed Penny's coming to terms with her body and its talents and abilities.  Her story of growth and possibility gives me hope for new beginnings.  

A recommended read. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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