Spring dress

Seeing as the Polar Vortex has come and gone, I decided that spring dresses were appropriate work-wear.  As I looked around my staff meeting after work today, I saw many a sweater in muted or dark colours. Maybe not everyone is ready for spring dresses. . .

Dress: Jones NY // Tights: CK // Shoes: Nine West // 

You guys.  This dress.  It was originally $150, marked down [and down and down] to $15.  Aaah. I couldn't resist.  I mean, the shipping from ModCloth would be more than this dress.  It just made sense.

Dress: Jones NY // Tights: CK // Shoes: Nine West // 

Oh, it has pockets. Of course. 

Heels:Nine West // 

These shoes are super old.  In fact, the right heel was a wee bit wobbly on the stairs today.  Tear* Time to start looking for replacements.  

Happy (pretend) Spring.
♥ Meg xoxo

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