Hawkeye 14. LA Woman

by Matt Fraction and Annie Wu

"This really should have been 'Plan A' all along. In fact in the future whatever my first plan is -- just gonna auto-scrap it."

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are "Hawkeye", the arrow wielding, super-power-less, human member of the Avengers. Each issue in this series of comics explains what Hawkeye does on his days off from Avenger duties.  In case you're confused, and not up on your Marvel history... there can be more than one Hawkeye at once :)  In this series, Kate and Clint focus on lower level crimes instead of superhero business.  They have a teacher-student sort of relationship, although Kate is very competitive with Clint.  In this specific issue, Kate leaves NYC for LA, takes Clint's dog Lucky, aka Pizza Dog, and tries her hand at fighting crime.

Fraction's Hawkeye is somewhat addicting.  He has lovable characters who are richly developed.  He has a great visual style, with vibrant colours and a creative font.  It's hard to explain, but Fraction has this ability to create these moments that will stay with you for days, making you ask yourself "When does the next Hawkeye come out?"  

Clint is just a regular guy, who tries to do what is right, and often gets hurt in the process.  He frequently utters, "Okay, this looks bad" before something awful happens to him.  Both Clint and Kate share very real, candid, and hilarious thoughts with the reader. This issue is awesome because Kate steps out on her own, and tries to be a superhero without Clint.  She's optimistic and enthusiastic, even after she has her "this looks bad" moment. 

I love Hawkeye.  You don't need to know much of the Avenger story line to understand this series of Hawkeye.  You just need to love a scrappy blonde guy, a kick-ass girl in purple, and a pizza-eating dog.  Not hard to love, right?

♥ Meg  xoxo

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