Pink Fridays and church for sale?

At my place of work, we've been wearing pink on Fridays to support Breast Cancer research.  It's like we're in the NFL, but not really.  While most people have been wearing pink scarves, I've been mixin' up eclectic pink ensembles.

Sweatshirt: JC Penney // Dress (worn as skirt): Winner's // Socks: gift // Boots: Target

So.  I'm aware that this outfit has a whole lot going on.  On the first Pink Friday, I casually added pink stockings to a fairly normal outfit.  Three weeks later, this is what you'd find me putting on in the morning.  I love this sweatshirt.  I mean, it says, "you had me at bonjour."  Très mignon, oui? 

Sweatshirt: JC Penney // Dress (worn as skirt): Winner's // Socks: gift // Boots: Target

I like to think that summer dresses / dresses I'd wear to a bar can be made appropriate for everyday wear.  Add leggings, a sweater, and/ or a scarf, and voilà: work week ready.  I'm not sure how appropriate this outfit actually is, but since everyone else was wearing some sort of jeans, lulus, and hoodie combination, I felt good about it.

Boots: Target // 

Yay for new combat boots :)  My old Steve Maddens are totally worn out; I loved them so much.  I picked up these less expensive ones at Target a few weeks back.  They have rubber soles, as a opposed to the real wooden ones, so I actually feel better about their life expectancy.

Church for sale?

As mentioned in the title, the church where I was posing in these pictures is for sale.  Weird, right?  I wonder how churches end up on the market.  And can you turn it into whatever you like?  Family home?  Fashion boutique?  Hmm... thoughts to ponder. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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