Purples overalls

So, September's here... and the madness of back to school has left me a few post behind.  This is an end-of-summer outfit if I ever saw one ;) 

Shirt: Forever XXI // Overalls: thrifted and diy // Sunnies: Target // 

When I bought these overalls at the thrift shop, they were beige.  I bought a box of purple Rit dye from the dollar store, and dyed these bad boys in my kitchen sink. They turned out even more beautifully than I ever imagined. They are well worth the $2.99 spent at the thrift store, and the $1.25 spent at the dollar store.  I'm in love.

Sandals: Target // Overalls: thrifted and diy // 

Take a look at the beige thread.  I love when the thread stays the original colour when you dye something.

Shirt: Forever XXI // Overalls: thrifted and diy // Sandals: Target //

I'll tell you a secret.  This shirt is actually a crop top.  I know, I know - I fully reverted to the 90s with this outfit.  It fit so well under these overalls because there was no bulky fabric to tuck in.  Genius, right? 

Get yourself some overalls before summer is over.  They are comfy, and come with a bunch of pockets.  What's not to love?

♥ Meg xoxo

PS. Please note how bizarre the face on the book looks on my face in the first pic. I only noticed right now.

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