School's out for summer

Summer officially starts for me tomorrow, after the last bell rings.  Although I'm going to miss my kiddies from this year, I'm looking forward to a few things. They include: sleeping in (and staying up) late, spending tons of time outside, taking trips, and wearing non school-appropriate outfits :D

Tank top: hand-me-down // Skirt: Jacob //  Nail polish: China Glaze in "Pool Party" //

Oh bright floral prints, how I adore thee.  I wanted to wear my flower crown to work today... but I thought it maaay be a bit too much.  I'll wait until it's really summer to prance around with flowers in my hair.

Side note: très sorry that my skirt is super wrinkled -- driving to and from work in hot hot weather tends to create the wrinkles. C'est la vie.

Sandals: Old Navy // Toe polish: essie in "shake your $$ maker" //

Someone told me that my toe and nail polish clashed today. Um... what?  They don't have to match.  PLUS,  both of the colours are in my shirt. So there. haha.

Tank top: hand-me-down // Skirt: Jacob // Nail polish: China Glaze in "Pool Party" // 

The sun decided to shine brighter in this pose. Weird. 

Happy summer, pals.  We made it. 
♥ Meg xoxo


  1. Speaking of summer, just read this list of books off Pinterest and actually some of them look pretty good. Must be on my ereader for Italy. Thought I would share:

  2. Ooo, thanks lady. I'll check them out for sure :)
    ♥ Meg xoxo