Summer breeze

I'm breathing in summer right now.  The sky is that perfect shade of blue. The wind is whipping through my hair, but it's that warm kind of wind, so I'm okay with it.  I can smell the freshly cut grass.  And I can't help but spin in circles.

Shirt: Garage // Skirt: Suzy Shier // Necklace: Claire's //

This skirt is SO old.  I thought about getting rid of it a few times, but saved it from the "donate" pile.  It hangs in this cool kind of drapey way, and is really light and floaty.

See how it dances around in the wind?  That's the reason I've held on to it for so long.  Thankfully it has a built-in underskirt/slip, because I had some Marilyn moments today :)

Sandals: Aldo // 

I need some new strappy sandals.  I kind of default to these ones on school days, because they are almost flip flops, but not quite.  They have a back strap which make them suitable for work. Maybe I'll get some neon ones . . .

Get outside and enjoy the long weekend (if you have one:))

♥ Meg xox

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