Polka dot tent

My love for polka dots is no secret.  Everyone knows I love them.  Sometimes, I feel that I need to wear a lot of polka dotted things at once. . . like I did here. I think that a whole lot of one pattern together can work, but it doesn't always.  You can make up your own mind about this one.  haha.

Headband: Ardene // Dress: Jones of NY {thrifted} //

When I thrifted this dress I was super excited.  It's a very pretty red.  It has polka dots.  It has a trail of buttons going down the middle of the back.  And it's a very nice, below-the-knee length.  On paper.

Headband: Ardene // Dress: Jones of NY {thrifted} // 

In reality though, and as indicated in the title, this dress is a bit of a tent. I thought that it was fun and girly.  I felt fun and girly when I wore it.  Then I looked at these photos.  Sigh*  While I still believe in my $2 dress, I think that it may need some alterations or remixing to make it work more successfully in the future.  lol.

Shoes: Ardene and DIY // Socks: gift // 

See: the dots are so pretty and random.  Maybe this dress would work better as a skirt. . .

Headband: Ardene // Sunnies: Target // 

My love of the little dots even extended to my shades. I heart* these sunglasses.  Ha. Sometimes I crack myself up.  

Look forward to seeing this dress on its second voyage out of my closet -  I hope that its trip will be less rocky than its first. :P

♥ Meg xoxo

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