"Is this a shirt or a dress?"

That's the ever-present question in my mind when shopping nowadays.  I mean, there are tunics and long tops meant to go with leggings, and then there are some extremely short dresses.  I think the lines are often blurred in the shirt/dress question... which may result in some questionable outfits. . .

Dress: H&M // Tights: CK //

...like this one, for example.  This morning, I felt really good about this article of clothing being a dress.  So certain, in fact, that I paired it with stockings and not leggings.  As the day went on though, I became less and less sure.  Oh well. There were no wardrobe malfunctions - read: no one saw my undies, so I think I made it out okay.

Tights: CK // Flats: Globo Shoes //

See?  It looks long enough from my point of view. 

Fickle spring is getting in the way of bare legs.  Bare legs would have made it clear to me that this was not, in reality, a dress at all.  ha ha.  

♥ Meg xoxo

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