"Ariel, listen to me; the human world - it's a mess..."

My all-time favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.  She's a curious collector.  She's a forgetful dreamer. She goes after what she wants, and she's stubborn about it. Oh yeah, her voice is lovely and her hair is gorgeous too.
I ♥ Ariel.

Jacket: Dress Barn // Tank top: Hot Topic // Jeans: Winner's // Sunnies: LW {and lost forever now...}//

When I saw this tank top a couple of weeks ago, I wanted it immediately.  It's Ariel.  She's perfect.  I even know the exact part of the movie from which this picture is taken.  I held off on buying it for a few weeks because I already have a Little Mermaid top.  I eventually caved; my other shirt is a black t-shirt and completely different :)

Jacket: Dress Barn // Tank top: Hot Topic // Jeans: Winner's //

My floral jean jacket was an outlet shops purchase from many months ago.  Since then, I've purchased its [almost] matching jeans.  I love how the addition of a floral pattern can take a simple jean jacket or pair of jeans to a whole new level.  Erin wants me to wear them as a suit... lol.  I'm not sure about that one just yet.

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory //

I was looking down at my boots in this picture... and my hair caught the light just right to make it seem a little bit reddish.  Instead of summers spent hooking my ankles together while swimming to look like a mermaid, I should've worked on my hair colour instead ;)

I totally want to watch Little Mermaid now... or at least sing some of its amazing songs
♥ Meg xoxo

Sidenote: isn't the yellow wall cool?  It belongs to a store which I didn't go into, nor note the name of... haha. 

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  1. I still support the floral suit :) haha
    Love the outfit!
    xo Erin