Polka dots to the max

Get it?  It's a maxi dress, and I'm wearing polka dots?  Sometimes I amaze myself.  Ha. 

Dress: Old Navy // Tights: Forever XXI // Necklace: Ardene // 

I used to have a purple maxi dress.  It got old and the material got bally.  Enter this black maxi dress replacement.  I love the idea of a long dress out of the summer months.  This one is a blank canvas for accessories.  I may have gone overboard with said accessories, but that's just my style.

Dress: Old Navy // Tights: Forever XXI // Necklace: Ardene // Scarf {in hair}: Claire's // 

So... about the accessories.  The polka dot tights were the start.  Then came the giant top knot.  But, it seemed kind of frizzy ... so I added the brightly patterned scarf as a headband.  Then I though the dress looked too plain.  So I added the neon and chain necklaces.  At the front door, I was about to slip on some black flats, until I caught sight of a DIY that I did last week.

Yup, I flashed back to the 1990s and painted some canvas sneakers.

Sneakers: Ardene and DIY // 

Sneakers: Ardene and DIY // 

As you know, I feel that stripes and polka dots can live together in harmony.  They do this here on my toes.  I bought these sneakers for a whopping 3 pairs for $10 at Ardene.  

Grab yourself a pair (or two or three) and get creative.  Painted sneakers are everywhere from the blogosphere to the runway; Elsie painted some here, and Kate Spade designed some here.

♥ Meg xoxo


  1. Oooh, read that book this month and loved it :) Can't wait to read your review!
    Also, love the outfit, obvi. Painting shoes is on my agenda for tomorrow :)
    Love you and your blog,
    xo Erin

  2. Thanks, love! Your shoes turned out beautifully. And I hope you like the review. I didn't want to give too much away! ♥ Meg xo