Ready for my close-up

Included in this outfit are: a shirt with cameras on it, a tweed jumper, yellow tights, and moccasins.  Some [closed-minded] people might think that these items do not fit together.  They would be wrong. . . in my humble opinion. :)

Shirt: Simon's // Dress: Monteau at Winner's // 

Positive: it was so super sunny when these photos were taken
Negative: the super sunny sun bleached out my yellow tights in these photos... 

Oh well, you'll just have to trust me that they were bright yellow.  I mean, why would I wear white or beige tights with this outfit?  haha. 

Sooo... check out the beautiful blue background.  It's the back of the movie theatre.  It has a film-strip running right around it.  Is there a film-strip background because I'm wearing a camera shirt?  Or am I wearing a camera shirt because there is a film-strip background?  Whoa. 

Like many other bloggers, I'm moccasin obsessed.  They're just so cute and comfy.  I want to wear them with everything. 

Tights: Old Navy // Moccasins: Minnetonka //

Hmm... you can sort of see the colour of the tights here.  I'll work on capturing their true essence in the future, before tights season is over. 

♥ Meg xoxo
Thanks to M for taking these photos, and for noticing the blue wall.  

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