City lights and snow

I got these tights over the break, and I am in love.  Some of my co-workers said, "Nice tights, Meg" to me today.  Maybe they were being sarcastic, but I'd like to think that they really meant it. haha. 

Coat: Old Navy // Dress and Cardigan: Forever XXI // Tights: Topshop //

Right when I decided to pull over and take these pics, it started blizzard-ing.

Dress and Cardi: Forever XXI // Tights: Topshop //

I decided to pair the busy tights with a plain black dress, and then added this neon yellow aka citron coloured cardigan to (sort of) match.  Maybe I should've put on a blazer instead. . .

PS. Sorry my hand looks demented; it was half in and half out of my pocket when the shutter clicked.

Tights: Topshop // Booties: Burlington Coat Factory //

I haven't worn these boots everyday since I bought them, it just seems that way. lol. I'm thinking of tons of outfits for these night life tights now.  Look for them in the near future. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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