Blinded by the light...

I don't know the rest of those lyrics... but I was most definitely blinded by the light.  I took this photo, took a quick look at it on the display of camera, and was on my way.  I didn't realize that it was blurry... due to the bright sunshine.  Oops.  I like the sunshine though, so I'll deal.  

Sweater: Roxy at Winner's // Shirt (under): Joe Fresh // Skirt: Giant Tiger //

Tights: vintage // Boots: Burlington Coat Factory // 

You can't tell, but my tank top is blue velvet.  Which is spectacular, if you ask me. Not spectacular, is the fact that this outfit looked a lot better in the mirror/ in real life than it did in that first blurry picture.  I mean... I look like a giant.  Boo. Sigh*  the boots still look beautiful though. :)

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory // Socks: Spring // 

Lace cutouts!  These super inexpensive booties bring me so much joy.  I'm in love with the see-through lace.  

Off to pack some sunglasses in my bag for tomorrow... 
♥ Meg xoxo

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