Beads and Bangles

Co-worker: You look really jungle-y today...
Me: . . . thanks?

Shirt: Nygard // Leggings and bangles: H&M // 

I bought this shirt at a store moving sale with my mum and grandma.  It was the only one like it, and happened to fit me.  Kismet, right?  I love it for its wild pattern and beaded fringe. I paired it with gold bangles and gold dangley earrings. All day I felt like Esmeralda from [Disney's verion of] The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Was I hopping?

I just wanted to dance around all day to make the beads dance too...

Boots: Charlotte Russe // 

I was confused about the "jungle-y" comment from my colleague when she first remarked it.  Now, though, I can see where she was coming from. I was too taken with the orange, pink, yellow, and the BEADS (did I mention the beads??) to notice the animal print near the edges.  lol. 

Boots: Charlotte Russe //

Happy spring, my loves.  Whether it actually means spring dresses, or if it means leggings, boots, and jungle print... happy spring to you. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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