Everyone who knows me is aware of my love for dresses and skirts.  Well, some people who don't really know me may know about my love for all things dress/skirt related too.  BUT, it is still a tiny bit annoying to have tens or twenties of people point out the fact that I am wearing pants to me.  I know. I put them on this morning. :P  hahaha

Pants (with suspenders): Mexx // Shirt: Garage // 

See the jungle gym behind me in this photo?  I wanted to be suspended in it for this picture.  Get it? Suspenders + suspended?  Brilliant, oui?  Not so much.  It didn't quite work with the heels, the 12 second timer on my camera, and the minus 10 degree weather.  So here I am... in front of the cool play structure.  Maybe I'll come back here in the summer, with a photographer.  (M, you reading this? :P)

Shoes: thrifted and crafted //

People always love these shoes.  I am always proud to let them know that I crafted them myself... enhancing them with Mod Podge and glitter.

Sigh* I do love a good craft. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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