1950s housewife

Today I was feeling 1950s housewife-ish.  But without the cooking, cleaning, kids, husband, and subordination bits.  ;) Okay, so maybe I was just feeling a little vintage-inspired this morning.  

Shirt: vintage // Dress worn as a skirt: vintage // [Costume] Pearls: Forever XXI //

I'm not sure if pattern mixing like this happened in the fifties, but I'll pretend that it did.  haha.  I got this dress awhile back at a half-off day at the thrift shop.  I decided that it was neutral enough to pair with polka dots. I mean, I think stripes can go with polka dots so why wouldn't chevrons?

This $2.50 gem of a find has a pretty full skirt. A full skirt is something you don't usually find nowadays for that kind of bargain.  I felt that it needed to be showcased. 

Tights: TAG // Heels: le château //

I rediscovered these old faithfuls when reorganizing my collection of shoes a few weeks back.  They seemed shorter than I remembered, which made them just sensible enough for my ensemble today.

Off to bake a casserole!  (Who am I kidding? No one thinks that I am actually going to bake a casserole.   Wait... do you even "bake" casseroles or do you "cook" them??)

♥ Meg xoxo

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